Wednesday, November 28, 2018

What to Do If Your Dental Crown Falls Out

A crown, sometimes referred to as a cap, is a tooth-shaped cover that fits over a damaged or decayed tooth. It mimics the appearance of a natural tooth and serves to protect the damaged tooth beneath. Crowns are also used in cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of misshapen, oddly spaced, or discolored teeth. Depending on what it’s made of and how well teeth are cared for, a crown often lasts at least seven years or longer. But sometimes crowns unexpectedly fall out, and there are certain steps a patient should take when this happens.

What to Do If a Crown Falls Out? 
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Although a lost crown isn’t usually an emergency, it’s important to act immediately after a crown falls out to attempt to save it and to avoid further damage to the tooth beneath. As soon it falls out, the crown should be placed in a secure spot, if possible. Then it’s time to schedule a dentist appointment! A dentist will usually need to make a new crown to replace it, but if the patient still has the old one, it may continue to work temporarily.

The patient shouldn’t try to slip the old crown back on alone; this is something that requires the help of a dentist. If for some reason it does need to go back into the mouth, it should be cleaned thoroughly, and the inside should be coated with tooth cement, which can be found at the pharmacy. This will help temporarily secure the tooth until the dentist can evaluate it.

What Will the Dentist Do?

Once in the exam room, the dentist will examine the tooth beneath the crown. Over time, it may have changed shape from damage or decay. The dentist will decide if a new crown will be required; an improperly fitting one will just come off again. The dentist will also remove any additional decay since the last crown was made and place any new fillings, if necessary.

While a lost crown doesn’t always require immediate attention, it’s important not to put off a dentist appointment to avoid further damage to the tooth below. That’s why Hanson Dentistry offers same day crown appointments to help you immediately resolve the situation and get on with life as usual. If you’ve lost a crown, we can help you put it back in or evaluate your teeth to determine if a new one is appropriate. Call Hanson Dentistry today at 816-373-5606 to schedule an appointment and learn more about our services.

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