Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What is Preventive Dentistry and Why do Patients Need it?

Taking care of teeth and gums is an important part of overall oral health. Part of this care involves seeing a dentist regularly and eating a healthy diet. People who seek ongoing preventative dentistry care may have fewer long-term issues.

Dental disease can sneak up on patients, often with no symptoms to indicate a problem. This is one of the main reasons that preventive dentistry is so important. Regular examinations can find and diagnose potential issues before they become serious. Patients tend to appreciate this benefit because resolving minor issues is often less expensive than the addressing major ones. Beginning preventative dentist visits as a child can be especially helpful in tracking potential issues in growth and development. A dentist can even help identify a child who might be a candidate for future orthodontic treatment.

With regular dental check-ups, patients can rest assured that a professional is monitoring oral health to resolve problems as they arise.